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Our goal

The goal of Faba Records is to give artists more freedom within their own music careers. Faba Records supports artists to produce the music they love and release it as an high quality and unique work of art. Faba records gives artists the opportunity to build their own fanbase and generate income from this fan base.


Flaws in the industry

Within today's music industry it is very difficult for new artists to break through with the music they most want to produce. They don't get a chance with record labels and it's very difficult to build a worthy fan base yourself.

Many artists think that as many streams as possible on your music is the most important thing. However, we believe that a worthy fan base is the most important thing for a healthy, long-term music career. You don't only achieve this through many streams only, faba Records wants to help artists with this!


What makes us unique?

Release Planning

Artists can plan their own release

After their first release, artists are able to plan their on release on Faba Records. Pick a date, sign the contract and we will release your track within two weeks!

Engage more with fans

Selling tracks as unique digital collectibles

By Releasing tracks as a digital collectible, fans can now directly interact with artists. Fans show their appreciation to artists by bying one of the unique collectibles.



The future of Faba

In the short term, we want to give artists the opportunity to bind their fans even better. For example, fans will have the opportunity to listen to unreleased music, engage in m&g's with artists or get personalized merchandise.

In the long term, we want to give artists a larger musical platform on which artists can perform at events and we want artists to be able to record exclusive DJ sets in order to stand out and break through.

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