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Faba Records

Connecting music to the future


Making artist careers easier

The goal of Faba Records is to give artists more freedom within their own music careers. First of all, artists can schedule their releases themselves in order to get a large stage as easily as possible. In addition, each release is linked to blockchain technology. By releasing a track as digital collectibles, artists can build a worthy fan base and give full ownership of their work



Faba artists can plan their own releases

Artists who have released one or more tracks on Faba Records are able to plan their own releases on the label without any contact with us. We always review planned releases within 72 hours of the submission. Releasing on a Record label has never been so easy for artists!


Discover our latest releases

GORDO - Back To The 80s

GORDO's third release already on Faba Records! After two House tracks he is now back with a retro EP. two synthwave tracks all the way from the 80s.

Drizon - Bam

Our first release of 2023 is coming from Colombian based producer Drizon. After his debut single on Faba Records 'Smoke', he's now back on the label with his new release 'Bam'.

Rhy Dah - Only One

The Mexican producer Rhy Dah debuts on Faba Records with his track 'Only One'. After several trap singles and EP's this is Rhy Dah's first minimal techno release!


Discover the Faba Records playlists


We are looking for innovative talents to strengthen our team. Is that you?

A&R Manager


Connect new talents to the the future of music. Look for new talent and make sure they get the best offer possible within the industy and make artist careers easier than ever.

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